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Vernons Pools - offering a game like the National Lottery called My Numbers. Bet from as little as £1

Vernons Pools - Big cash prizes from just £1 entry

MyNumbers not only gives you the chance to win over 50 times more than the National Lottery for four or five correct numbers, you can also win 1 million for free if all 6 of your numbers are correct! There are 2 draws a week - Wednesday and Saturday lunchtimes - and the numbers are generated by the 49's draw shown live on TV in 7,000 betting shops around the country. Your selection of numbers will be unique to you, so you won't share your prize with anybody. Firstly decide whether you want to play Pick 4 to win 7,000 guaranteed or Pick 5 to win 100,000 guaranteed if your numbers are correct. Then choose your extra 'Win A Million' number or numbers so you have a set of 6 numbers. Finally, decide which draws to enter and for how many weeks.

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Vernons Pools special offer

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