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AA Traffic Watch

Our road traffic information for non-members is updated regularly.
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Green Flag Route Planner Wherever you're heading, Green Flag Route Planner can help you get there! With Green Flag Route Planner we not only calculate the distance, travel time and best path between your chosen locations, quickly and accurately; we also allow you to choose between the shortest, fastest or the cheapest route.
Highways Agency The Highways Agency is an executive agency of the Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions. We maintain, operate and improve the English motorways and trunk roads as an important part of the wider transport system. We serve all road users motorists, motorcyclists, people with disabilities, cyclists, public transport operators and users, pedestrians, equestrians, and people who live near roads.
Multimap Just click on the UK outline map to start browsing. Or enter the name of a British city, town or village, street name (London only) or postcode to get a detailed map. You can then zoom in on any part of that map, just by clicking on the area you wish to see in more detail, or you can choose to look at a new area.
RAC Route Planner If you're having breakfast in Bath, coffee in Cannes or dinner in Dresden, you'll want to be on time. Now, you can get ahead when driving abroad with RAC's Route Planner - because we've added Europe! So whether you're popping around the corner or driving across the Continent, you'll find the fastest route for your journey right here.
RAC Traffic Watch Upto date traffic news from around the UK.
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Shell Geostar
Travel Route Planner

Please enter postcode and/or town. The euroShell routeplanner also recognises incomplete entries (i.e.62 Calais or Dov).
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Streetmap Finder This site provides address searching and street map facilities for the UK. We currently have street maps for Greater London and road atlas maps for the whole of mainland Britain
Trafficmaster Take one minute to sign-up and get access to the latest traffic updates around the UK. This is an extended version to Trafficmaster Live.

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