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Mailbox Movies *Unlimited* DVD rental subscription service
Boxclever Granada's boxclever - The power to change your television as digital technology changes. Free upgrades to a new TV or video worth 20% more, with full technical service and loan set.
Dial-a-TV Technology is moving fast - VERY FAST... That's why Dial-a-TV is dedicated to bringing you the highest specification, most technically advanced, but most cost effective equipment in the in-home entertainment industry. Couple this with service that is second to none and you will see just how inexpensive it can be to rent the best for less.
DVDs on Tap DVDs On Tap is an online DVD rental service that lets customers rent unlimited DVDs for 7.50 per month
Forbes Direct Forbes Direct are the largest independent rental company in the south of England. Specialising in Sanyo, Philips, Toshiba and Bosch brands we can offer you prices which are lower than high street companies. This is possible because we deal direct with our customers without the need for shops. We pass the benefit of lower overheads to our customers in lower rental charges.
In-DVDs IN-DVDS is the UK's first DVD subscription rental service - a new way of renting that has been hugely successful in the US. Our members pay one fixed price each month and receive an unlimited number of DVDs through the post with no late fees. Once they have watched a film they return the DVD in the packaging provided and we send out the next title on their 'wish list'
R&M Rentals The biggest Independant rental company's web site in West London

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