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PRICELINE Airline tickets - The Name Your Own Price Internet service for airline tickets, hotel accommodations and car hires. By choosing their own price, priceline.co.uk customers can save up to 40 percent or more over typical retail prices. With Priceline.co.uk airline tickets, customers name their price, and agree to fly on a major airline at the times when the airline has empty seats

PRICELINE Hotel Rooms - With Priceline.co.uk hotel rooms, customers select the dates of their stay and the price, and agree to stay in any major-brand hotel, as long as it has the quality rating they want and it is in the area of town they want

PRICELINE Car Hire - With Priceline.co.uk car hire, customers choose the dates and specific type of car they fancy, and agree to use whatever major car hire company accepts their offer

priceline car hire

Priceline.co.uk is majority-owned by priceline.com inc, the Name Your Own Price Internet service. Priceline.com is one of the Internet's largest sellers of leisure airline tickets, hotel rooms and rental cars with over 15,000,000 worldwide customers. In its January issue, Yahoo! Internet Life magazine named priceline.com the 'best travel deals on the Internet for 2002'. The magazine also named priceline.com as one of the Web's 100 best sites for the New Year
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