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Basic Office Supplies

Adhesives - adhesive spray, Pritt mini roller, glue sticks, Pritt stick

Batteries - duracell ultra batteries, standard/ultra alkaline batteries

Clips, Pins & Bands - drawing pins, filing clips, paper clips, paper binders, rubber bands

Correction Products - correction fluids , Tipp Ex

Hole Punches - 2 hole, 4 hole, adjustable, heavy duty, single hole

Plastic Folders & Files - project files, snopake file, clip folder, rexel folder

Plastic Pockets - avery ring binder wallets, rexel pockets

Post-It Notes - sticky note, telephone message pad, post-it notes cubes,

Scissors - merit household scissors, dahle scissors

Stamps & Inks - daters, electric stamps, ink & ink pads, xstamper, stamp pads, word stamp

Staplers - staple removers, staplers, staples

Tapes & Dispensers - sticky velcro, tape, tape dispensers, double sided



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